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The progress post s will be worth approximately one quarter of the homework grade points awarded for effort and progress , so make sure you have plenty of real progress to report. You will submit all of your source code files ending in. We encourage you to discuss the assignments with other students in the class. You may assist each other in debugging, but this should absolutely not involve "cutting and pasting" code.

Likewise, consulting the assignment solutions of students from previous terms is not allowed. You may certainly use the internet as a resource for learning the material, but you may not submit or "borrow from" code found online.

Please read the Academic Integrity policy for this course and speak with the instructor if you have any questions. If the grader must spend time editing your files in order to compile or run your code, you will receive no more than half credit for the assignment. Please see the instructor in office hours if you need help writing portable code. We will be using CMake , a cross-platform, open-source make system. See these detailed instructions for installing, building, and running the code:.

Homework progress reports are due on Thursday nights at Progress reports will not be graded if they are submitted late. Unless accompanied by a written excuse from the Student Experience Office. Final homework submissions are due on Thursday nights at Submission times will be judged from the timestamp on the web server.

You may submit the assignment multiple times; we will only grade your last submission. Each student will be given three days whole or partial of grace for late homework assignments. These grace days should be used carefully. Once the late days have been exhausted, late assignments will not be accepted without a written excuse from the Student Experience Office.

Once you've finished writing, testing, debugging, and commenting your code, prepare your assignment for submission as described below. Make sure to include:. We're happy to give you hints, programming tips, and guide you through debugging. This advice will help you program and debug effectively and efficiently and ensure you earn maximum credit for your hard work. Post your questions about homework and general questions on the course discussions page.

The TAs, instructor, and other students will help answer your questions. Be sure not to post partial or full solutions to the lab or homework problems when asking your questions or answering a classmate's question.

Posting a line or two of code that is causing a compiler syntax error is ok. If you registered at least a week before the first day of classes, you should be automatically added to the course LMS database. Include your RCS username with the request so you can be added. A very important resource for help outside of class are the instructor and TA office hours.

You may attend the office hours of any other TA not just your lab TA for questions about the course material or the homework. If you have questions about the grading of your homework, please see the TA who graded your assignment during their regular office hours or make an appointment.

Weekly Office Hours Schedule Office hours get very busy as the deadline approaches.

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Get my essay online now. *FREE* rpi homework help shipping on qualifying offers. Zumspot & MMDVM Demo page. This page contains notes and hints for the homework assignments. It will then be up to you to seek help from office hours, drop-in tutoring, and other resources that are available to you. Welcome to Physics I at RPI for Fall ! We post important announcements here, at the bottom of each page.