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❶The criteria that state and national judges use are available on the website.


History Fair Process Paper Essay Sample
2014 - 2015 NHD Theme Information:
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Once at the site simply choose the project category you want to learn more about. Hancock's Website Follow the excellence. First People and Exploration Unit 2: Colonialism and Independence Unit 3: The American Revolution Unit 4: Expansion and Reform Unit 6: Reading Junior Scholastic Online Speech to Text Tip!

Personal Finance Unit 2: Middle East Unit 4: SE Asia and Australia Unit 5: Central Asia Unit 7: Europe Today Final Project: Scavenger Hunt Writing Representatives. The process paper is not the place for you to state what you have learned.

That information should be presented in your entry. Rather, the process paper confirms to the judges that you worked with an original idea, conducted original research, and created your project using your own energy and creativity.

Examples of process papers are available on the National History Day website. All history day entries must include an annotated bibliography that is attached to the process paper documentary, performance, exhibit , placed at the end of a historical paper, or embedded in a website.

The bibliography lists only those sources that actually contributed information to the project. Primary sources are listed first, followed by secondary sources. Following each citation, an annotation—one or two sentences or more if you desire —explains how and why that source was useful. There is no limit to the number of words in the bibliography. You must use the bibliography, footnote, and other style formats in one book or the other i.

A thesis statement is a one- or two-sentence explanation in which you make a claim about your research topic and summarize the argument s and analysis that will follow. Your thesis statement should pinpoint the main idea of your topic, and it should be expressed clearly and early in your project, regardless of the category. Your thesis statement will help you to remain focused as you develop arguments and present relevant evidence that lead to your conclusion.

It also lets judges know what to expect or look for and how you intend to interpret the significance of your topic. FHD staff do everything possible to prevent bias on the part of judges and to protect the anonymity of students. The selection of judging teams is based on several criteria: Judges receive a packet of evaluation guidelines before the contest and a verbal orientation on the day of the contest.

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Selecting a National History Day Contest topic is a process of gradually narrowing down the area of history (period or event) that interests you to a manageable subject. A process paper is a description of how you conducted your research, developed your topic idea, and created your entry.

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A process paper is a description of how you conducted your research, developed your topic idea, and created your entry. The process paper must also explain the .

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How to Write the NHD Process Paper Paragraph 4: If you encountered any problems during your research or in producing your project mention it here. If you were looking for a specific source and had difficulty locating it, mention it here. Essay about Fair Process “Why It’s so hard to be fair ” is an article written by Joel Brockner and was published in the Harvard Business Review March 1, In this article, Professor Brockner analyzed the benefits of process fairness, when and where company applies it as a performance booster.

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movement. there is so much information on the hippie movement that i wanted to know it all. sadly, since so much happened during this era, i decided to study about what had happened during the vietnam war. this time was during the s through the s. as an aspiring youth, my thoughts on the 3/5(2). PROCESS PAPERS AND ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHIES Your Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography are important parts of the judging process. These are the first thing that judges read, so you don’t want to save this part of your History Day project until the last minute.