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Five Steps to Better Handwriting

Try a Pencil Grip

❶Historically, some authorities argued for the superiority of one form over the other for children with LDs, most often for the superiority of cursive over manuscript. So with all that going on, you can imagine that different kids have different problems when it comes to handwriting.

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Strengthen the Upper Body
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Encourage your child to build upper body strength through sports, climbing, swimming and targeted exercises. These will help strengthen and stabilize the shoulder muscles to free up the hand muscles for handwriting. I have some ideas for shoulder exercises on my site and in my e-book aimed at younger kids, but older kids may still benefit - have a look and see if there are any you can encourage your child to do.

If your child gets tense and tired easily during handwriting, then try these exercises as a break. Developing upper body strength may be just what your child needs to help improve handwriting! Some children really struggle to write and to read the loops of regular cursive handwriting.

My own kids benefitted from the Getty-Dubay handwriting books, which are italic. The cursive handwriting books helped all of my own children to develop flowing handwriting, which was neater than their printed handwriting.

If your child tires easily or becomes distracted, then let them have a quick break instead of plowing through and risking deteriorating handwriting. A good use of a break time would be to do some gross motor exercises especially shoulder exercises , fine motor exercises, or getting some water to drink. You could also try Fitness Circuit this is an affiliate link to a product I have used - these fun brain breaks, designed by a fellow therapist, could help spark your child!

On tasks where creative input is being rated, your child may be able to write more freely and easily if freed from the effort of writing neatly. A neat final draft may be required, but being allowed to type or scrawl at first may get the creative juices flowing. Accept that legible can be good enough for these times! It is tiring to write neatly, but if it is not required at every lesson and on every occasion, then it is easier to write neatly when it really does matter.

You can also consider being a scribe for your child if you are homeschooling, or consider asking for a facilitator in the school system. When your child is brainstorming a topic, or planning answers and structure for a project, it can really help to have someone else jot down those thoughts and answers as they flow out. Today's Foundation is Tomorrow's Success! I hope you find answers to any handwriting questions you may have. If you have a request for a blog or video topic, let me know!

And feel welcome to contact me with questions. Contact me at kidsmasterskills gmail. I feel h andwriting skills should be taught in this way: Use hands-on activities to help kids master to kinesthetic "feel" for letters!

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Some tips to help older kids improve handwriting skills. Handwriting difficulties are reported more frequently among boys than girls but most improve, given the right help. How important is pen grip? Many children with difficulties hold their pen or pencil in unconventional ways.

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Even using silverware can help him develop his fine-motor skills. Pinpoint the Problem Common handwriting problems lie in four main areas: letter formation, sizing, spaces between words, and line-alignment. A multisensory program to help kids master handwriting. Also a wealth of information, advice, free worksheets for parents, teachers, and occupational therapists.