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ProPublica’s User’s Guide to Democracy: Political Advertising

It’s hard to track, hard to regulate, but essential to understand.

❶Get our stories by email. Jim Slattery who ran the tycoon peeing ad put out an equally, err, nontraditional spot about people not being 'covered' by health insurance.

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You also need to remain calm when testing new channels that may not present themselves as valuable immediately. Yes, Gore was indeed an early proponent of the Internet but the creator? This bold and inaccurate statement damaged his campaign and labeled Gore as a serial exaggerator. Be transparent and honest, always, and never exaggerate. Print advertising is not very different from political advertising when you think about it. You can either manage your ad campaign toward victory, or make a big blunder that you may not recover from.

Will Print Advertising Still Work in ? A brew of marketing and advertising news for your insatiable knowledge palette. Print Ad Campaign Lesson: Do Your Homework Unless you do your homework and know exactly who your target audience is, what their pain points are, and how your offer can solve their problem, your campaigns will never be successful.

Howard Dean and the Scream In , governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, became an unexpected candidate for the Democratic nomination for president. Subscribe to Email Updates. Campaigns then show you ads they think will persuade someone like you to vote for their candidate or against the other one.

These ads appear lots of places online. You see them on search engines like Google, social networks like Twitter and, thanks to the services of online advertising networks that connect advertisers to digital promo opportunities, nearly any website that hosts ad space. Everything you do on Facebook is being tracked — by Facebook.

Online ads are are hard to track. They tried recently — and failed. Last spring, a year and a half after Trump was elected, Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee released thousands of Facebook and Instagram ads placed by Russian operatives to influence the election.

To learn more about how candidates target you on Facebook , check out how the site has categorized you. You may have to log in to Facebook first. That will bring you to a page with your ad preferences. Does it match up with how you actually identify yourself?

Political advertisers sometimes use this information to reach potential voters, too. To learn more about what other people see, there are a few steps you can take. Visit the Facebook Political Ad Collector , our searchable database designed to create more transparency in targeted online ads. This summer Google published a searchable archive of political ads that have run on the platform, searchable by candidate or advertiser. Democratic House-aspirant Colleen Callaghan put out a spot that -- like the infamous "Little Daisy" ad -- warned of nuclear war should her opponent win.

Tom Feeney R-FL put out ad apologizing to the camera for going on a five-year-old trip sponsored by the disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Really Hating Our Troops: House candidate Nikki Tinker, challenging Tennessee Rep. Steven Cohen in the Democratic primary, put out an ad that implicitly referenced Cohen's Jewish religion in a predominantly African American community.

Nikki Tinker race baits Steve Cohen. Bruce Lunsford, tried tying himself to McCain the candidate likely to win in Kentucky , when he offered his own condemnation of Republican corruption: I'm A Republican With Obama: Gordon Smith, a Republican in a tough eleciton in Oregon, released a spot touting the work he did with Barack Obama and John Kerry -- the object of his ire back in Likewise, endangered GOP Rep.

Chris Shays of Connecticut put out an ad saying he possesses "the hopefulness of Obama. My Opponent Protects Rapists: Gordon Smith put out a spot accusing his opponent, Jeff Merkley, of conspiring to help a child rapist get released onto the streets.

Hungry Like A Wolf: McCain put out an ad depicting Obama's oppo-researchers as hungry wolves going after Gov. The whole thing is based on a never-proven see: The spot features a 'hippy' backing Udall and walking into a VW van with a bunch of smoke coming out of it. The Media Love Affair: The McCain campaign put out an ad that makes fun of the love Obama gets from the media -- the same group of people McCain once called his base.

Naked Men In Ads: Jim Slattery who ran the tycoon peeing ad put out an equally, err, nontraditional spot about people not being 'covered' by health insurance. To bring home the point he has people literally walking around uncovered by clothes. The McCain campaign spent a day touting a historic ad to come the closing night of the Democratic primary. It ended up being a spot in which the Arizona Republican looks into the camera and congratulates Obama for his achievement:.

The Obama campaign jumped on an interview in which McCain can't precisely say how many houses he owns. In an ad, the narrator declares: A group called the National Black Republican Association launched a radio spot declaring that "the Democratic Party is a racist party," and that "racist Democrats will not vote for Obama, a black man.

Making Fun Of His Name: Lock Your Doors -- It's Me! Senate candidate Mark Udall D-CO , released an ad making fun of the attack ads being launched his way by outside groups. Lock your doors and hide. It's me, Mark Udall," the candidate says. You gotta keep a sense of humor, though. A reader adds this humorous bit of commentary: Chuck Norris Approves This Message: Mike Huckabee turned to his favorite surrogate for this ad, leveling the equivalent of a political drop kick.

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