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Local Politics: How to Start a Successful Political Blog

The most important steps to keep in mind

❶Taking into consideration everything that is stated above, you need to keep in mind several issues: Were you calling people to political action or some type of advocacy?

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1. Optimize Your Blog for Local Political Keywords to Generate Relevant Organic Traffic. Many local political bloggers make the mistake of jumping right into their first website without doing any competitive keyword research or search engine optimization planning.

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To start a political blog you’ll need to select a blogging platform – or the softward that helps you to get your content on a website. There are many blogging platforms available, but WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform.

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Writing a political blog is even more difficult in that you will want to have your views incorporated in the name so that people know what kind of content they will be reading. Try to have a sort of "mission statement" on your blog introduction. How To Start A Political Website Blog, Build A Career And Be Successful. Published on January 26, ; Kazeem James. Follow Following Unfollow Kazeem James. Your political blog, in other for.

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A few months back, Andrew Sullivan—one of the preeminent political bloggers—surprised his readers and tens of thousands of subscribers by announcing that he would end the Daily Dish, his blog. Political Blogs That Accept Guest Posts by Writers in Charge There is a lot happening in the political world, such as Brexit in the UK and the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the US for the coveted White House seat.