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The Black Balloon Movie Review

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❶It is highly autobiographical for director Elissa Down, who co-wrote the script.

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The Black Balloon

I am assuming that they are unable to dress themselves, so their caretakers dress them in such a manner, but why? Is it a sensory issue? The same applies to children with down syndrome, it seems. I don't think that it's safe to assume that children and adults are unable to dress themselves. Such behaviour is often learned over time. Extremely autistic people often have fixations on clothes and like to wear the same things all the time. They're often provided with clothes which are easy to get into singlets and shorts and which are easy to change in case of accidents.

My kids seem to have a fixation on winter clothing. It will be 35 degrees celcius out there and I'll tell them to find something and wear it. They'll usually come down with a long sleeved T-shirt and long pants. My wife generally has a fit over this and makes them get changed.

They'll get hot but it's the best way for them to learn. My eldest is starting to think about such things. Is it hot or cold outside? What type of clothes should you wear? Of course, the problem could simply be the Hollywood stereotype of challenged people. If you would like to make another movie review on autism one day.

This would be a more severe case of aspergers in my opinion. Friday, November 27, Movie Review: I'm branching out a little. Today's review is The Black Balloon , which I watched for the first time last night. The Black Balloon is an Australian film about a family with a late-teen severely autistic child. The story is told mostly from the point of view of his "normal" brother and covers the problems with fitting into a new area and acceptance both within the family and within the community.

It's very obvious that the cast and crew are familiar with autism. She mentions in the featurette that some of the more outlandish things in the film actually did happen in her family. Actor Luke Ford spent quite a bit of time with one of Elissa's brothers and I think he's got the performance nailed.

It's good to see that the story doesn't present the hollywood stereotype of the autistic savant. Instead, Charlie is an individual who embodies the majority of the qualities you'd see in anyone in a similar position on the spectrum. He's just as frustrating as most severely autistic people in that he has good and bad periods and that sometimes, for no apparent reason, the good period slides into the bad. It's also good to see that in between the stimming and generally hyperactive behaviour, Charlie is shown as a person with the full range of emotions - it's a subtle performance but it's there if you look for it.

He's shown as loving, particularly to his mother, played by Toni Collette and to his brother. His sense of humour comes out, as does his frustration. If I have any issues with the film, it's mostly that at times it becomes a little saccharine. The family is just too tolerant and too loving. The school friend, played by Gemma Ward is also too understanding to be real. There was also a social worker scene which went nowhere, it looked like it was going to provide an interesting spin on the story but instead, it was just dropped - I wanted more.

One of the main reasons I want to review films on the subject of Autism and Aspergers is to look at the messages which are being sent out to the general public. Debut Feature , elissa down , luke ford , rhys wakefield , The Black Balloon , toni collette. Since she was very young, Elissa Down has been honing her skills as a director. Down herself has two autistic brothers and here, with the help of co-writer Jimmy Jack bizarrely credited here as Jimmy the Exploder , transforms her own childhood experiences into an accessible and moving narrative.

She also has a great eye for conveying place and time with simple details and the performances she elicits from her young leads especially Ford as well as old hands like Collette suggest she has an innate understanding of how to get the best out of actors. Filmmaker spoke to Down about drawing on her own childhood, her puzzlement at the lack of menstrual comedies, and her vivid memories of singing Michael Penn songs in her sleep.

This feels like a very personal film. How much of this is from your own experiences? I have three brothers, two of which have autism and my youngest brother Sean is basically the Charlie character. How was it for you, making that decision that you wanted to put this very personal story on the big screen? It was about the point of difference for the film: I had to be completely honest. Was this a film that was quick to write because it was semi-autobiographical or was it slow and difficult to draw out of yourself?

I met Jane and she took me under her wing and was a great help. She took me over to her house, showed me her storyboards and gave me all this great advice. How important was it to draw a line between your personal experiences and what you depicted in the film?

The Black Balloon Film Analysis

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Free Essay.-The Black Balloon -1 Introduction. 1- The film The Black Balloon was filmed in Australia and the UK and was produced by (Tristram MiallToni.

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The film “The Black Balloon”, is a Australian AFI award-winning dramatic feature film that stars Toni Collette, Rhys Wakefield, Luke Ford, Erik Thomson, Gemma Ward; as well as a cast of newcomers.

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Essay The Black Balloon The film “The Black Balloon” directed by Elissa Downs is a bold film about the realistic look at autism within a suburban family over a more traditional coming of age story. It looks at the complexities of family life without over-romanticizing Charlie’s autism and the affects it has on each member of the family as. In Lisa Down’s film, “The Black Balloon”, the importance of taking care of and not judging people due to their disabilities and weaknesses is covered. The protagonist, Thomas, has an autistic brother named Charlie who he is embarrassed of and who is the centre of all the events in his life.

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The Black Balloon What film techniques has director Dowd used to show how Thomas makes the transition from feeling like an outsider to feeling like he had/5(1). Check out our top Free Essays on Black Balloon to help you write your own Essay.