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Are There Term Limits in the United States Congress?

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❶The thinking goes that once a lawmaker spends too much time in Washington, he or she becomes part of Washington and incapable of effectively serving people outside of it.

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Career politicians rigged the system to their benefit, and are no longer beholden to the interests of the people who elected them. Imposing term limits on Representatives and Senators is the best way to eliminate corruption in Washington D. President Trump is acutely aware of the problem. The time for Congressional term limits has arrived. However, President Trump needs our help.

Term limits can only be imposed through a constitutional amendment, and the balance of powers prevents the president doing so. We must rely on members of congress to hinder themselves. Imposing term limits has oft been considered an impossible task. Typically, proposals would call for a three term limit on representatives, and a two term limit on senators, capping their time in office at six and twelve years, respectively. The process is difficult, but not impossible.

The President is limited to two terms in office. Term limits should apply to Congress as well. In the early days of our Republic, Members of Congress spent just a few months in Washington legislating most years. Today we have a deeply corrupt, dysfunctional government in Washington, DC.

This is not how America is supposed to work. The time has come to dismantle the arrogant, corrupt permanent ruling class in Washington, DC that is doing so much harm to America. We can accomplish this by limiting terms for Congress.

I will closely watch your actions on this matter of urgent importance as we speed toward the Elections. Voters for Congressional Term Limits will distribute a report on the results of this survey to Members of Congress and the news media. With the Elections fast approaching, the results of this enormous survey should be carefully studied by Members of Congress. It should also receive wide media coverage. Tabulation of this survey will begin in the next few weeks.

So please complete your survey and sign your petition right away! Currently, Republicans hold of the seats in the House of Representatives, and 52 seats of in the Senate. That leaves us with 51 Democrat Representative and 15 Democrat Senators to convince.

Alternatively, the state legislators can call for a constitutional convention to circumnavigate congress. This has never been successful, but Republicans have made historic inroads in recent years, and now control both the House and the Senate in more states than at any time in the history of the party.

Republicans control both the House and Senate in 32 states, and they control at least one legislative body in 5 more states. There is strong bipartisan support among voters, if not among congress. The overwhelming power of Republicans, in all levels of government, ensures that now is the time to act.

A vast majority of the American people support term limits. Any politician who is not willing to impose a limit on themselves should be forced to justify that decision to the American people.

A politician opposing term limits expressly proves the need for term limits. Democrats want to stay in power forever so they can erode our constitutional values and sell the country down the river.

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Sign the Term Limits Petition Congress was meant to be a citizen legislature. Congress has a 13 percent approval rating, but a 95% re-election rate. Whereas, Congress ratings are at an historic low point; and. Whereas, the American people no longer trust career politicians who run for reelection over and over again; and.

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If you agree that we need Congressional Term Limits please take 8 seconds to sign our Term Limits Petition. Official U.S. Taxpayer Petition to the State Legislature. Whereas, many political and Constitutional experts agree.

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By signing this petition you are agreeing you are the person represented on this form, that you live at the address entered, that you have not previously signed this petition, and that all the information entered is true and valid as of the date of entry. Without term limits, congress member are on a never ending campaign trail. Life time congressional members are increasingly beholden to special interest groups, lobbyists, and their own parties in order to ensure their continued stay on capital hill.

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StandUnited - the free petition platform for mobilizing supporters on issues such as free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and limited government. Congress Needs Term Limits. "The history of liberty is a history of the limitation of governmental power, not the increase of it." - Woodrow Wilson Currently, there are no term limits for our congressional leaders.