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❶Adolescents turn to alcohol and substances that are illegal to fit in with peers Sadock et al.

Substance Abuse

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Tabaco is known for improving vigilance as well as performance, although the long-term effects are lung cancer, heart attacks and subsequently withdrawal will result in anxiety and depression it is also the etiology of a million deaths each year. Within this workshop it will discuss marijuana that causes irritation in the lungs and it contains high levels of deltatetrahydrocannabinol THC.

Smoking marijuana will have an effect of pleasure as well as impairment in both coordination and memory. Workshop 3 Appendices , will discuss the cycle of dependents and how genetics play a role since there was a gene found to be linked to alcoholics Goldberg, , also the family structure such as divorce and unhappy households or families Visser, This workshop will also discuss the matters of bad influences such as erroneous friends and notably why it is important to build a good sense of self that has been discussed in the rational according to Sauer The self is seen as a very important part of self-efficacy.

The importance of self-efficacy as discussed by Harpine , is different to that of self-esteem. Self-efficacy is seen as the key to prevent addictive and risky behaviour it also allows for constant and effective application of knowledge.

Self-efficacy is also responsible for the development of social and morals. The way in which self-efficacy can be established in learning within this intervention is to tell the children that they are capable of in their abilities to say yes or no and if it happens that they have failed that they should rely on their abilities to succeed Harpine, The 4th workshop will be based on family and community support Goldberg, , this is also why the parents will be encouraged to join the last session with their children.

This is seen as an important part of the program since accountability and support plays an important part in overcoming addiction as well as preventing it. Effective treatments will also be discussed with regards to student assistant programs SAP , which is dependent on employees and educators Visser, Law matters will also be discussed in order for the young adolescents to understand that is illegal to use substances in South Africa as according to the Act no.

According to Visser , community norms that also links with self-efficacy, will also be discussed since this can be a challenge to what seems to be acceptable within the community.

The information provided within the workshops is seen as an important step to helping young adolescents to resist the use of substances. The parents are involved within this process since the strategy is based on values and norms of parents and community values in order to manage the problem and to make to make the prevention strategy planned more sustainable Visser, This part of the assignment will reflect the strengths, weaknesses as well as the ethics that should be considered with regards to the intervention strategy.

With regards to the intervention program it is short term intervention that aims to include all important aspects of substance use. The main focus is on the effects on the body, what the effects of drug use are short-term and long-term, what causes substance use and how the cycle works and lastly why a supportive environment is needed. One of the strengths that this strategy has is that it includes the entire school and it also includes the parents, since it is important to monitor the behaviour of their children and in essence to help in the prevention of substance use Santrock, It is also important since parents should be made aware of what their children are up to and they should be psycho-educated on why social support is important and provide an environment where it can be fostered Visser, This intervention also aims to empower the children to make the right decisions and enable them too notably take control of their own lives as well as responsibility Visser, This intervention also aims to create critical awareness that will enable the people to be aware of their decisions and playing an active role in the transformation of the society Visser, One of the main possible weaknesses would be to obtain full participation within the school in specific reference to the learners.

This is an important part of the intervention since there will not be a desired effect if there is a lack of participation and support Visser, Also according to Visser , the reason why projects fail is due to time constraints and to budget and both of this play a role in this intervention.

It will be important to keep track of these two in the formative assessment so that it can be prevented if it does turn out to be a problem Visser, The presentations should be short and contain the main information that needs to be addressed and should not exceed over an hour per workshop. As part of being an adolescent, they tend to belief in the term called omnipotent belief.

According to Cormier and Hackney , with regards to working with children consent forms needs to be obtained from parents. Confidentiality is not applicable and there is no sense of anonymity where individuals are unknown, since the whole school is involved within the workshops. A relationship of trust should be endeavoured and not betray trust that has been gained. This assignment fostered the nature of discussing a possible intervention that can be used within a school context to target the prevention of substance abuse.

This assignment discussed in the literature review what the effects of drug abuse are on the body and that it is considered to be a worldwide problem and where drug trafficking can be located. It also discussed with specific reference within the South African context that socio-economic factors can contribute to the abuse of substances since divorce and low income status can contribute to stress being experienced. Physical development has also been discussed where hormonal changes are occurring and that there is an increased need in autonomy and friendships and gaining a good self-esteem.

Drugs have been discussed as it is a way of escaping negative emotions. Within the rational parenting was the main focus and the importance parents can play within the prevention of drug use amongst their adolescents and that it is important to monitor children since it seems to result in less behavioural problems.

The importance of self-efficacy was discussed and how it can be achieved through a person believing they can succeed. The importance of good support groups has been discussed and that one should avoid erroneous friends. The intervention was based on workshops that will take off at the school itself after hours and it is only a month where each age group will get an opportunity to engage with the material presented.

The intervention works according to four workshop themes that will be discussed over a period of four weeks. This in essence will only provide four workshops for each grade. The parents are included before and after the intervention. Support is definitely stressed within this intervention. Lastly, this assignment discussed the evaluation of the program where the strengths have been identified along with the weaknesses and the ethics that needs to be considered with regards to the intervention.

The reader should have a clear understanding what the workshops will be covering and all the materials that is going to be used can be found within the appendices. Some use it to improve their athletic performance; others to ease problems such as depression or stress while other use drugs simply because their friends are using the drugs. Governments in many countries have established ministries to tackle the issue of substance abuse. For instance, in India, there is the Ministry of Health that deals with the treatment of substance addicts, and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting that uses the government media for the advertisement of the cons of drug abuse.

The government also plays a significant role in financially assisting non-governmental organizations and other voluntary organizations involved in the fight against drug abuse. Several acts of parliament have also been established to curb the menace posed by the misuse of drugs and appropriate punishment given to those involved. In conclusion, although substance abuse has become a major problem in the society, concrete steps should be taken to weaken the hold on drugs.

The effects of substance abuse are disastrous and cannot be ignored. Jack CA Thank you for helping me out with my college essay - I was totally stuck and your guides and manuals assisted me with my writing. Samantha NJ My college term paper was a mess. Alcohol though legal yet is dangerous if taken during pregnancy. Amphetamines comes in many forms, overdose of any of these substances can result in seizure and death. Anabolic steroids , abused by bodybuilders and other athletes.

Cocaine tends to stimulate the nervous system. It is smoked and as well as injected. Its just as addictive as heroin. Phencyclidine is a drug which can cause that user to feel extremely powerful, become quite aggressive and have unusual amount of physical strength. This can be quite dangerous to others. Like the majority of other mental-health problems, drug abuse and addiction have no single cause. The frequency to which substance abuse occur within some families seems to be higher than could be explained by an addictive environment of the family.

Some professionals recognize a genetic aspect to the risk of drug addiction. One of the most harmful risks is that of engaging in risky sexual activities. The effects of using drug and covering up for the abuse can lead to behavior that causes difficulties at home and in society. Psychological association with addiction include mood disorders like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder as well as personality disorders like antisocial personality disorder.

Social risk factor for drug abuse and addiction include male gender, being between 18 and 44 years of age. Men are more at risk for developing a chemical dependency like alcoholism women seems to be more vulnerable to becoming addicted to alcohol at much lower amounts of alcohol consumption. In order to be diagnosed with drug abuse, an individual must exhibit a destructive pattern of drug abuse that leads to significant problems or stress but not enough to qualify as being addicted to a drug.

This pattern is manifested by at least one of the following signs or symptoms in some one year period:. Tolerance is either a markedly decreased effect of the substance or a need to significantly increase that amount of the substance used in order to achieve the same height or other desired effects.

Significant amounts of time spent getting, using, or recovering from the effects of the substance. The user continues to use the substance despite being aware that he or she suffers from ongoing or recurring physical or psychological problems that are worsened by the use of the drug.

The primary goals of drug-abuse or addiction treatment also called recovering are abstinence relapse prevention, and rehabilitation. During the initial stage of abstinence, an individual who suffers from chemical dependency may need help avoiding or lessening the effects of withdrawal.

That aspect of treatment is usually performed in a hospital or other inpatient setting, where medication is used to lesson withdrawal, symptoms and frequent medical monitoring can be provided.

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- Introduction According to the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and the transtheoretical model of change, “for most people with substance abuse problems, recurrence of substance use is the rule not the exception” (Enhancing Motivation for Change, , p. xvii).

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Substance abuse, on the other hand, is the drug use other than for the intended purpose in a manner that damages the physical functioning of the body. This essay talks about substance abuse with regard to the types of drugs, drug use and government efforts to curb substance abuse.

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An essay or paper on The Effect of Substance Abuse. Directly or indirectly everyone at some point in time has been or will be affected by substance abuse. Substance abuse is the abuse of any substance. of Substance Abuse on Unborn Children Substance abuse is a problem that many pregnant women in the United States struggle with. Substance abuse is defined as the overindulgence in and the dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or .

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Substance abuse, also known as drug abuse, is a patterned use of a substance (drug) in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods neither approved nor supervised by medical professionals. Drug abuse, also called substance abuse or chemical abuse is a disorder that is characterized by a destructive pattern of using substance that leads to significant problems or distress. Teens are increasingly engaging in prescription drug abuse.