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Defining a Research Problem

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❶This will lead to the proposal of a viable hypothesis. These organizations don't want to spend too much money developing a product line that research indicates will be unsuccessful.


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Structuring the Research Problem

The data from the questionnaires are transcribed or key-punched on to magnetic tapes, or disks or inputted directly into the computer. Verification ensures that the data from the original questionnaires have been accurately transcribed.

Analyzed data gives meaning to the information that have been collected. Univariate techniques are used for analyzing data when there is a single measurement of each element or unit in the sample, or, if there are several measurements of each element, each RCH variable is analyzed in isolation. On the other hand, multivariate techniques are used for analyzing data when there are two or more measurements on each element and the variables are analyzed simultaneously.

The last stage is the report preparation and presentation. The entire project should be documented in a written report and the results and major findings must be presented. The findings must be in a comprehensible format so that they can be readily used in the decision making process.

In addition, an oral presentation should be made to management using tables, figures, and graphs to enhance clarity and impact. For these reasons, interviews with experts are more useful in conducting marketing research for industrial firms and for products of a technical nature, where it is relatively easy to identify and approach the experts.

This method is also helpful in situations where little information is available from other sources, as in the case of radically new products. Primary data is sourced by the researcher for the specific purpose of addressing the research problem.

On the other hand, secondary data is collected for some purpose other than the problem at hand. This data includes information made available by business and government sources, commercial marketing research firms, and computerized databases.

Secondary data is an economical and quick source of background information. Information, industry experts, and secondary data may not be sufficient to define the research problem.

Skip to main content. Poor Survey Design Organizations use marketing research to find out what customers think and what they want. Survey Nonresponse One marketing research problem relates to how the survey is offered to the target population. Survey Bias A survey might include one or more sources of bias. Issues with Observation Research Some marketing research involves observing consumers in action and noting their preferences.

Babin; "Contemporary Marketing"; Louis E. About the Author Audra Bianca has been writing professionally since , with her work covering a variety of subjects and appearing on various websites. Examples of Marketing Research Problems. Small Business - Chron. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

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• Defining the marketing research problem sets the course of the entire project. 7 7. Importance of Defining the Problem • Problem definition involves stating the general marketing research problem and identifying its specific components.

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The marketing research problem guides the entire research process. It is important in determining the working hypothesis. With the hypothesis and the research problem, you are able to outline what is to be achieved after the research which is commonly referred to as the objectives in the research world.

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A research approach is an important part of the marketing research plan that helps to find relevant data and information and helps to convert information and data into numeric form so that it is easy to develop the marketing plan (Jackson ). One marketing research problem relates to how the survey is offered to the target population. Marketers design a survey that many customers choose not to respond to. They look at reasons why.

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2 Marketing Research Problem Broad Statement Specific Components Defining Research Problem (cont’d) Now what? Step 1: Problem Definition Management Decision Problem. The five-page document provides space for recording the decision problem, the exploratory research summary, hypotheses, and potential research problems.