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Pret A Manger and Customer Service

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❶WE are the cleaners. Even with bonus, the wage is not realistic considering the cost of living in the city and the amount of work you have to do at Pret.

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How to complain about Pret A Manger customer service

They offer staff meal which is made from their own kitchen. You can work with lovely and energetic people. Payment is good for low-skilled job area. Working in the kitchen is not easy. Free food on shift Quick recruitment process Mystery shopper bonus - You get to know your colleagues and with some, you get a sense of being part of a 'family' due to Pret's teamwork nature.

Terrible management- Doesn't help with the fact alot of the managers selected are foreign so your cultural differences become apparent. I feel some bias in the way managers are recruited. There are many hard working brits who could be fantastic managers but I haven't come across a British manager in either 4 shops I have worked at.

Some, not all, are very rude and abrupt. When someone is seen not doing something for a split second, they are told to get on the floor and make conversation with customers who are eating and having their own conversations.

This makes me feel totally uncomfortable and rude. I feel as though pret goes over the top with customer service and if u aren't willing to do this then you will find it hard working at this company.

You must be a confident and bubbly person. For British people, working in an environment with more foreigners than you can be tough at times. I'm often on shifts where team members are talking to each other in front of me in polish. It makes you feel uncomfortable. After bringing this up to management warnings were given yet no change. Labour- picking up heavy loads of drinks, deliveries etc. Cleaning- pret doesn't employ cleaners. Team members, kitchen staff etc are expected to clean everything throughly day in day out.

Ovens, floors, walls, tables, fridges, coffee machines, dishwashers, chemical room - the list is endless. This cleaning is done throughout the day but closing shift workers are practically cleaners. There's a list of around 30 individual jobs needed to be finished by the time your shift ends. FAKE atmosphere - you are told to smile smile smile. Whether a customer is damn right rude to you, you must keep smiling.

When you're doing jobs such as cleaning you must keep smiling. Not only does this make you feel like a clown, it is humiliating and not every worker has a personality like this. Pret wants their staff to be moulded into 'a perfect robot' I work in a very busy store in one of the UKs biggest airports.

We are understaffed and have too much pressure put on each one of us. The workload per team member is quite honestly a joke. Many times workers go through their shifts often doing overtime also with no break. I have witnessed pregnant team members and kitchen staff on their feet for the whole shift with no break because 'we are too busy and productivity must remain high'.

All that pret seems to care about is the profits and not the wellbeing of their staff. I am ill through the stress of working in this company. At times it can be hell on Earth - which is unnecessary for a coffee shop. Please put your management through training. They can't handle running busy shops and often take it out on their colleagues. They need training in how to create efficient rotas also, which are often very unbalanced. Without us, the shops would be on their knees.

Let us be ourselves and we will work better! Better comppensation for hard working team members. Free food, good coffee, company parties, some nice people.

The use of the "N word" and many other racial slurs are common every day. You wonder how some of these people got hired into a customer service job. Sexual harassment is also common. Very little follow through and proper instruction in the shop. You're basically on your own. Some decent classes at the training center with good instructors but there are very few of those.

Free food free stuf good team. Loving people god for non English people You have a lot of good things right here. Pression lot of work you have to work hard e a team player be a good customer service and wake up very early. You should keep going this way this is a good way I would like to e manager here if you need any help let me know I am available. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone.

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How to complain about Pret A Manger customer service Resolver is a completely free complaint-resolution tool that puts the British consumer directly in touch with the customer service providers who can resolve their complaint. -Pret it is a good place to work, the most enjoyable part is the work environment, you will work with a young and motivated team and it is easy to get promoted-Very good customer service experience, had a lot of fun with co workers, payments were weekly and were straight forward.

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Pret A Manger has hired Just Eat's Barnaby Dawe into a newly formed role of Chief Customer Officer with effect from October 1. Dawe will oversee all global marketing and communications activity and will lead Pret's growing e-commerce Schlee, CEO of Pret says: “I am delighted Barnaby is joining the senior team at Pret. He has the sensitivity and the experience to maintain. 4 Customer Service is an information connection signposting service (ICSS) and is not associated or affiliated in any way with Pret A Manger. Other telephone numbers for contacting Pret A Manger customer service maybe available in the public domain.