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Thesis on domestic violence?

topics of the dissertation on the domestic violence

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Thesis Statements Examples on Domestic Violence

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I think you've decided to tackle a very important question. However, I think your thesis does not state your position. Your thesis should be a little more directed. In general, I don't believe there is anyone who believes domestic violence is a good thing. No one thinks anyone should be hurt, whether it is by strangers or domestic partners. Choosing a thesis that expounds a "duh" sentiment is going to be too simple to defend, and therefore uninteresting. If you take the general idea and find a specific point of view within it that you can propose or argue, you will open yourself up to an argumentative essay that others can learn from.

The deepest problem with domestic violence, as I see it, is that some cultures do not believe there is such a thing. In some cultures, women are considered subservient and it is not considered a crime to strike or punish a wife. Additionally, there is no such thing as husband-wife rape in some cultures. Most governments, however, do not consider the cultural background of couples when deciding whether to prosecute reported cases of domestic violence.

So, no matter the background, all cases get punished equally. The black letter of the law bends on the extent of the harm brought to either party, and how the injury occurred. The problem is that most cases of domestic violence remains unreported. That is the most difficult part of prosecuting someone who violates his or her spouse.

Do you think cases of domestic violence should be brought whether or not the harmed spouse wishes to cooperate with police and prosecutors? Should there be more agencies investigating homes suspected of domestic violence? Each of those questions could lead to a deeper question you could use as your thesis. For example, a very difficult thesis you may enjoy writing about could be this: You may be better looking at something like the ACS Administration for Children Services which actually does exactly this.

They infringe on family privacy rights in order to protect children. It's very controversial, but you could look up some articles about both horror stories ie: Domestic Violence Thesis Statement Examples. This Site Might Help You. Such task may be hard to do but try to keep calm and remember that somebody should tell about unpleasant things, ways of rehabilitation, abuser punishment and return to normal life because it is essential for victims to know that they are not alone in their misery, they have ways to change the situation and others will support them.

Be careful about human suffering because bullying and other types of violence can happen in different situations and with different people, and the aim of the task devoted to the question of bullying is to give hope to somebody who wants to escape from the nightmare in real life.

So, try to give support to victims and look for preventive measures in such cases. You cannot change the world with the help of one essay, but you can provide the idea of that the situation can be changed. Did you like the article? Get your discount right now! Thesis Statements Examples on Domestic Violence Helping a victim of domestic violence is a hard task because much violence remains unnoticed.

Government should build more special centers for women suffered from family abuse. Children in the abusive family have psychological traumas.

All member of the family needs psychological help after being abused. Children suffered from domestic violence need rehabilitation badly. Family bullying may have various psychological reasons. If your friend is the victim of home violence you should assure her to go to the police because abuser should be punished. Abuser lawful correction should be very severe. Police should have a right to stand against domestic abuse.

Co-dependency is considered to be the basis of home bullying. Psychological factors of co-dependency increase the risk of being abused. It is very difficult to avoid violence in your own family if you were abused in your childhood.

If your husband is the abuser, you need to divorce him. The state of co-dependency needs treatment as a background of home bullying. Emotional violence in the family has a great influence on human self-esteem.

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Domestic Violence Against Women: A Literature Review Abstract This literature review of research in the past 30 years on domestic violence against women focuses on the cycle of violence within abusive relationships, why women so frequently stay in abusive relationships, ' and what is the most helpful in allowing them to leave.

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Hence a domestic violence dissertation may be concerned with the issues like violence against children, spouse or any other family member by using illegal means. Moreover, any illegal behavior in a .

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The focus of this dissertation is on the impact of domestic violence on the lives of children and young people. Research took place in the Hammersmith. Writing a dissertation on domestic violence is one of the ways to explore the issue deeper, look for the origins of this behavior, and share your views on the problem. If you want to base your doctoral project on the subject of domestic violence, you should pick a good topic for your work.

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The prevalence of domestic violence is higher in Kenya than in the UK because there is no law that deals with the issues of domestic violence. In light of the growing contention of domestic violence, this dissertation looks at the issues of domestic violence and its effects on children in both the United Kingdom (UK) and Kenya. the battered woman experience: a phenomenological study exploring the lives of latina women and their experience with domestic violence jaime gonzalez, ph.d.