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I approached him asking for urgent help with my Spanish assignment, and not only did he deliver on time, but he also provided me with great quality as well. He's a very respectful guy with excellent skills. Highly recommended for anyone looking for top-notch homework help. He delivered his work a day in advance to my surprise! I would highly recommend and would use him again.

Andy works very fast. I'm excited about sending more projects to him, I love this site. I'm a college student and usually have small budget and his prices are great for me. Anything that needed changing was quickly done so without hesitation. I will be using him for all my Spanish homework: Need Spanish Homework Help? Send me your Spanish homework and instructions via email.

Be sure to include all the necessary details like Spanish level, type of grammar, deadline, etc. Once I have your homework I will start working on it following your instructions and meeting even tight deadlines. We can chat to finalize the details. Check your email for the answers. All my reports are checked to avoid mistakes. If needed, free revisions can be made until you are satisfied with the answers. Get discounts for being a regular customer or buying in bulk. Why pay more for the same service?

Fast delivery Your homework will be ready as soon as possible after contacting me. In case you are in a rush I will do it in a shorter time with advance notice at no extra cost. Satisfaction guaranteed My work will be checked and counter-checked with as many free redoes as you require in order to ensure high quality. Overview of presentation in Google docs, each student is assigned a section. Episodes 4 and 5.

Watch episode 6 of El Tiempo. Will discuss, begin research, and watch episode 7 in class on Wednesday. Begin research on class presentation on Spain, culture, war and peace. Discuss El Tiempo entre costuras, and watch episode 4. Write a review of episode 4, watch episode 5 and summarize and write a review of episode 5.

Summaries should be about words. Watch El Tiempo Entre Costuras, episodio 3. Write a review for the film, overview of what happened. Describe Sira, and other main characters. Complete Research for Spanish Civil War. Finish and discuss in Spanish El Tiempo entre Costuras.

If absent- complete these worksheets about El Tiempo entre costuras. Email me if you need help gaining access to the show. Watch both episodes and answer questions. Complete research for Spanish Civil War. Be prepared to discuss on Monday, in Spanish, the causes and perspectives of Nationalists and Republicans. Begin lesson on Spain and Spanish Civil War. Homework Available in Google Classroom.

Complete the questions for El Tiempo entre Costuras. Research for Spanish Civil War. Listen to newsinslowspanish and write a report in Spanish on the articles to share with class. Watch an Episode of Extra and write a summary, half page about what happened. Available on Netflix are: Exam 5A, la leyenda de popocateptl, La Leyenda de Espantapajaros.

Watch La Leyenda de Espantapajaros again. Prepare for exam 5A on Wednesday. Prueba 2 and Prueba 3. Write a new ending for the story. At least 2 paragraphs. Illustrations optional, but fun!

Friday, March 16, from 6pm-8pm is a Screening of a documentary about Dolores Huerta, an instrumental community organizer who worked alongside Cesar Chavez.

The film is playing at Bayer Farm, a community garden in Santa Rosa. Attendance, engaging in Spanish conversation as much as possible: Oral Presentation and reading about disaster in Haiti. Be ready to present on Wednesday. Study for 5A quizzes: Work through chapter 5A. Tarea del texto 5A. Homework Options 50 points for 2 weeks. Finalizing in class on Monday and presenting on Wednesday. Prepare for quizzes from chapter vocab and topics in packet. Mis Mascotas presentations- excelente!

Share stories, practice adding to stories, passing the stories along. Listen to News in Slow Spanish, discuss. Begin tarea del texto 5A. Mis Mascotas locas- pictures and crazy stories of your animals. Due Monday 50 points. Homework Options 25 points, due Monday. Listen to La Dentista, begin to complete the packet, read short stories, add details.

Work on the la dentista dialogues. Creative writing, back of packet- Cuando era una nin Begin Packet 5A 50 points, plus 50 points for presentation in packet. Review grades and tareas. Either create a comic strip or a new ending, about words. Turn in packets, prepare for Exam 4A on Wednesday. Homework options 25 pts due Wednesday on Google Docs. Prueba 5 25 pts due Wednesday.

Practice verb conjugation with grease boards. Complete Prueba 4 Write down 10 sentences in Spanish and English- past tense. At least 3 in Reflexive. Prepare for test 4A on Monday. Review tareas Juan and 4A. Prueba 1 Play naufragio. Look for a vegetarian tamal recipe that you would like to make. Juan - finish worksheet and write words to finish story. Work on Packet and study for Exam 4A probably Monday. Finish story with Imperfect Grammar Practice and write your own story, illustrate.

Scavenger hunt- Click on this catalogue to find juguetes. Work on imperfect in packet p. Begin Chapter 4A, look at imperfect verbs, use them to discuss the way things used to be, and things you used to do. Begin Packet 4A 25 pts. T del texto 4A Google Classroom, 25pts. Preguntas google classroom 25 pts. Opciones Quizlet 4A 25 pts. Listen to Song and Lyrics. Finish tareas and tests, work on reflexive verb conjugation.

Me- Draw a picture, attach a photograph, or describe yourself. What do you like to eat? What do you like to do? What music do you like to listen to? What do you love about your life? Who do you admire? What things to do care about or worry you, or keep you up at night? What do you aspire to be in the future? What question do you wish people would ask you? My friends- Draw a picture or attach a photograph of you and your friends. What do you like to do together? What do you value in friends?

My school- Draw a picture or attach a photograph of your school. What classes do you take? What are you most interested in learning, ins. Review vocabulary, quiz 1, translate and write letters to pen pals about you and your school activities. Study and prepare for test.

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Jan 25,  · I heed help with these 5 questions Please and thank you =] Choose the correct form of the informal commands below: 1. Sacar (tú) la basura A.)¡Saca la basura!Status: Resolved.

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Free step-by-step solutions to millions of textbook and homework questions! - Slader. Feb 19,  · complete this conversation with the appropriate demonstrative adjectives and pronouns. CLAUDIA ¿Te gusta (1) esta corbata, Gerardo? GERARDO No, no me gusta (2) ese. Prefiero (3) aquel que está sobre el .

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Your Spanish Tutor is Waiting! Perfect your Spanish skills online with our expert Spanish tutors. Learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs (even the irregular ones!) and master Spanish vocabulary and grammar with ease anytime, anywhere. Personalized, one-to-one Spanish homework help is at your fingertips with You’ll work . Jan 09,  · Question 1 ¿Cuál es una cosa que NO pones en la maleta (suitcase)? Un vaso Un vaso está en la mesa. Una camisa Sí, hay una camisa en la maleta. (shirt) Unos pantalones Sí, hay unos pantalones en la maleta. (pants) Question 2 Which of these items is an article of clothing?Status: Resolved.