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A Definition of Foil Character and Famous Examples from Literature

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❶The two boys could not be more different, and their differences affect the choices they make throughout the novel.

Definition of Foil

Examples of Foil in Literature
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On the other hand, Harry's character is humble, yet courageous, possessing good virtue, who will never use magic to harm the innocent. A foil character is one which contrasts any of the characters in a literary work.

A foil helps enhance the personality of another character usually one of the protagonists. Everything that is good in this world, gets importance due to 'evil'.

In short, we can say, evil helps us realize the importance of good. Similarly in literature, when any character contrasts another character, it helps the personality traits of that character gain the spotlight. Of course, a foil character is not necessarily the evil or villain in the plot. Foil Character - Definition. In short, a foil character can be defined as a character whose personality is opposite to another character.

The intention behind introducing a foil character in the plot is to highlight more attention on the personality traits of the 'other' character. Following are a few examples of foil characters in literature. They're juxtaposed in the following list to indicate their contrasting characteristics. Foil Character - Examples.

Why use a character foil? A foil character is created to emphasize opposing traits. Creating a foil character or characters requires finesse.

A writer does not want to directly state the opposing traits. Through characterization of narration and dialogue, the writer creates foils to bring forward the traits of the other. If the author wants a reader to like or dislike a particular character, he might create a foil to emphasize those qualities. For 20 years she waits, raising their son, reigning as queen, protecting the throne. While making his way, he encounters the goddess Circe. And if thou darest, I'll give thee remedy Juliet.

Oh, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris. From off the battlements of yonder tower Paris comes to pay respectful homage to Juliet; Romeo to visit his dead love and to join her in death as he has poison. When Paris starts to enter and then challenges Romeo as a felon, the fiery Romeo slays him. Then have at thee, boy! This question has already been answered on eNotes. Here is a coprehensive link for you: Expert Answers mwestwood Certified Educator. I do protest I never injured thee, But love thee better than thou canst devise He tells Romeo when Romeo pulls out his dagger in despair, Hold thy desperate hand Art thou a man?

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Rosaline to Juliet. It's not Juliet that Romeo loves at the start of the play—it's Rosaline. This makes Rosaline an obvious foil for Juliet, so that Romeo's relationship to Juliet (the way he describes her and acts towards her) can be .

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Definition of Foil. In literature, a foil is a character that has characteristics that oppose another character, (Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare) This is an example of foil in which the two characters are good friends, yet have one very important difference. Romeo is a romantic person, hopelessly romantic in Mercutio’s opinion.

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Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary and Literary Terms I. Vocabulary adversary opponent; II. Literary Terms: allusion a reference in one work of literature to a person, place, or event in another work foil a character who sets off another character by contrast. Get an answer for 'What are 4 examples of dramatic foils in Romeo and Juliet in Acts ' and find homework help for other Romeo and Juliet questions at eNotes.

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A foil character is one that has traits that are opposite of another character - being melancholy to the other's happiness, for example, or extroverted to the other's introverted nature. Foil characters are sometimes used as comic relief, especially in tragedies such as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Penlighten enlists some examples that will help understand what a foil character actually is. A foil character is one which contrasts any of the characters in a literary work. A foil helps enhance the personality of another character (usually one of the protagonists). when Romeo falls for Juliet, and is willing to risk his life for the.