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❶They look picturesque and are a thing of beauty.

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Some flowers are dependent upon the wind to move pollen between flowers of the same species. Their pollen grains are light-weight. Many others rely on insects or birds to move pollen.

The role of flowers is to produce seeds , which are contained in fruit. Fruits and seeds are a means of dispersal.

Plants do not move, but wind, animals and birds spread the plants across the landscape. Since the ovules are protected by carpels , it takes something special for fertilisation to happen. Angiosperms have pollen grains comprising just three cells. One cell is responsible for drilling down through the integuments, and creating a passage for the two sperm cells to flow down. The megagametophyte [2] has just seven cells.

Of these, one is the egg cell; it fuses with a sperm cell, forming the zygote. Another cell joins with the other sperm, and dedicates itself to forming a nutrient-rich endosperm. The other cells take auxiliary roles.

This process of "double fertilisation" is unique and common to all angiosperms. Flowers are modified leaves possessed only by the flowering plants angiosperms , which are relatively late to appear in the fossil record. The earliest known fossils of flowers and flowering plants are from million years ago, in the Lower Cretaceous.

It has been concluded that the two clades diverged split some million years ago. Flowers have long been admired and used by humans. Most people think that flowers are beautiful. Many people also love flowers for their fragrances scents. People enjoy seeing flowers growing in gardens. People also enjoy growing flowers in their backyards, outside their homes. People often wear flowers on their clothes or give flowers as a gift during special occasions, holidays, or rituals, such as the birth of a new baby or a Christening , at weddings marriages , at funerals when a person dies.

People often buy flowers from businesses called florists. Some parents name their girl children after a flower. Some common flower names are: People also eat some types of flowers. Flower vegetables include broccoli , cauliflower and artichoke. The most expensive spice , saffron , comes from the crocus flower. Other flower spices are cloves and capers.

Hops flowers are used to flavor beer. Dandelion can be made into wine. Honey is flower nectar that has been collected and processed by bees. As discussed earlier, some people authorise the selling of flowers and are called florists. In addition to this, they also believe that the journey of a flower from the budding stage to the fully developed and blossomed stage gives them some inspiring goals in life.

Some flowers, apart from their sweet smelling and attractive nature, are considered to be edibles. Two such flowers are: Flower like the roses have medicinal values imbibed in them which are useful in the treatment of various ailments. Flowers were also said to be the conveyors of some certain feelings and aspects when social life was not much easier.

It is said that some flowers like the daisies, lilies and the roses made people to think of children, innocence, life, love, beauty and passion respectively. In vacant or in pensive mood,. They flash upon that inward eye,. Which is the bliss of solitude;. And my heart with pleasure fills,.

And dances with the daffodils.

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Flowers are the most beautiful creation of God. Their sight is a joy forever. They are a subject of poetry and no Natural description is complete without reference to flowers. Their beauty is sung.

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The flower is God’s finest workmanship in the world. It is his finest gift to the mankind. We have seen the flowers of many kinds and to many colours. In India we see the flowers like lily, lotus, rose, marigold, jasmine and champak. Daffodils are common in the European countries. Every fruit or.

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Writing sample of essay on a given topic "If I Were A Flower" If I Were A Flower (Essay Sample) May 30, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Facebook 4 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. If I Were a Flower. A flower signifies a lot in nature. It is associated with life and beauty. A rose flower, for instance, is not . The flower is a pure and beautiful creation of Nature. It is offered to Gods and presented to the dear and near ones, because of its beauty and .

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Free flower papers, essays, and research papers. Relationships and Love in Frost's, Wind and Window Flower - Relationships and Love in Frost's, Wind and Window Flower In "Wind and Window Flower" Frost explores a love too fragile for the lovers to pursue. A short essay about flowers. The flowers that grow to glad all earth Are emblems of a better birth, When we shall wake beyond the skies.