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Mother Teresa Essay

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Mother Teresa: Essay, Article, Short Note, Biography, Speech
Mother Teresa Short English Essay For Kids Of Class 1 To 5
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She was born on 26 th of August in in the Skopje, Macedonia. She was name of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu as her birth name but finally she got another name of Mother Teresa after her great works and life achievement. She had spent her whole life by caring poor and sick people as a real mother. She was the youngest one child of her parents. She was born in the highly religious Roman Catholics family.

She was highly inspired about the charity from her parents who were always supported needy people in the society. Her mother was a simple housewife however father was a merchant. The financial condition of her family got down after her father death because of the involvement in politics. In such condition, the church became very important for the live survival of her family.

At her 18 she felt that there is a call for her towards religious life and then she joined the Loreto Sisters of Dublin. In this way she had started her religious life to help poor people. She is one the great personalities all over the world. She had represented her whole life in front of us as a true mother by providing kind services of full dedication and love to the needy and poor people of the Indian society.

Her birth name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu who became later famous as the Mother Teresa after her great works and life achievements. She was born on 26 th of August in Skopje, Macedonia in a religious catholic family. Mother Teresa was decided to become a nun in her early age. She had joined a convent in the year and then came to India Darjeeling and then Kolkata. That event disturbed her mind a lot and made her various nights sleepless. She started thinking some ways to alleviate people suffering in the slum.

She was well known of her social restrictions so she prayed to the God for getting some guidance and direction. Finally she got a message to leave convent and serve needy people from the God on her way to Darjeeling on 10 th of September in After that she never looked back and started serving to the poor people. She chose to wear a simple dress of white sari having blue border. Soon, young girls started joining her group in order to provide a kind help to the suffering people of the poor community.

She planned to make a dedicated group of sisters which would be always ready for serving to poor in any condition. Mother Teresa was a great personality who had spent her whole life in serving the poor people.

She is well known all over the world for her great works. She would always be alive in our heart as she was the only one like a real mother. She is a great legend and highly recognizable symbol of the sympathy and care of our time.

There the Medical Missionary Sisters immediately took her with them where they went to the houses of sick and dying people and local hospitals. Sister Teresa learned to care for people by practicing with the sisters. She learned how to deliver babies, fix broken bones and became aware of many common diseases and illness. She was a natural at caring for people and within three months set out to help the poor of Calcutta. Arriving back in Calcutta, she got in touch with Father Van Exem, who would help her find a place to stay.

Arrangements were made for her to stay at St. There a group of nuns called the Little Sisters of the Poor gladly welcomed her. The Little Sisters of the Poor invited her to begin with them helping the elderly. She left and went out to the streets of Calcutta to start her mission from God. She started a school in the slum that she could see outside her window while at the convent. The first day of school five students showed up for class. Sister Teresa had no books, desks or chalkboards, but due to her determination she still managed to teach.

The alphabet was the first lesson taught. The word spread through the slums and soon she had forty students.

Through her students Sister Teresa met many families of Calcutta and about the poor medical care. Many families had no income because the man of the house had been stricken with a disease.

Thousands of people died each year due to lack of medical care. Poverty grew and Sister Teresa knew she had to do something more. She walked the streets looking for places to help. The work exhausted her, but she never gave up.

Her love and compassion for God, people and her work helped her to help people that no one would go near. Each night she would be tempted to go back to the easy life at Loreto, but instead she prayed to God for this help to get through it all.

In March , Sister Teresa received a visitor at St. She wanted to join Sister Teresa and work for the poor. Soon after Magdalena Gomes joined Sister Teresa. The three of them would go out into the streets each day, not knowing what to expect. By the end of the year eight more young girls joined to help the fight against poverty. Mother Teresa always encouraged her nuns to treat the poor as a gift from God and to treat the patients with respect, warmth and kindness.

The middle of the Missionaries of Charities moved to a new residence that was big enough to house the growing number of nuns. The nuns wanted to call Mother Teresa the Reverend Mother Teresa, but she refused because she never felt above anyone else. In Mother Teresa was given an unused building for the dying. The building was transformed into the Place of the Immaculate Heart.

This was a place for people who were terminally ill that could die with dignity instead of on the streets. Each morning Mother Teresa and the nuns would walk the streets for dying people and bring them to the building. They were treated as angels, and were loved and cared for until their death.

When a mother would die leaving a child behind the nuns would take care of the children. There was children with no place to go were taken care of.

Teenage girls who lost their family came there instead of turning to prostitution. They helped out by taking care of the children and were taught useful skills. Even though Mother Teresa was criticized for wasting money on the dead and dying but she never stop. Her compassion for the poor and dying and the victims of leprosy was overwhelming. This compassion drove Mother Teresa to find medical care for them. In order to provide the medical care the nuns set up clinics where people could get medicines, disinfectant, bandages and other necessary supplies.

The sisters opened up a rehabilitation clinic for lepers. In groups were formed by the Missionaries of Charity to travel to different parts of India. Homes were set up in many parts of India and by there were members of the Missionaries of Charity. Due to the many contributions thirty centers were opened outside of Calcutta. Mother Teresa traveled to the United States in and visited many states.

She received hundreds of donations and met many people. The trip gave Mother Teresa many new ideas. She was not rich but she was rich by the heart. Her heart is like oceans for the helping the poor people. She was the attentive, confident, trustworthy person. She never gave up because of hard work.

She had a such a great soul. Mother Teresa had got many awards for her great work. Here are some of the awards which awarded her:. She had a second attack in when she received an artificial pacemaker. After that, she had some heart issues. The head of the Missionaries of Charity died on 5 September. She left her body but her soul is still living in form of the Missionaries of Charity and in form of those people who help each other. Mother Teresa was the inspirational person who always works for the poor and sick people.

She became the mother of the poor people and still alive in the hearts of those people who believe in helping and working with others. She was not the mother of only poor people but she was the mother of the world.

Not only the Christian religion but also other religious people believe in her and inspired her.

Long and Short Essay on Mother Teresa in English

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Essay on the biography of Mother Teresa – The Messiah. Mother Teresa was a great saint of the 20th century. She was born on 27 August in Yugoslavia. Her childhood name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She belonged to Albanian community of Catholics. Her father’s name was Kole. He was a .

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Mother Teresa Essay 1 ( words) Mother Teresa was a great woman and famous as “one woman, one mission” who had taken a big step to change the world.

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Read Also: Raja Ram Mohan Roy: Essay, Article, Short Note, Biography, Speech Early life of Mother Teresa (Story of Mother Teresa) Mother Teresa was the youngest in her family and had always been fascinated by the stories of the missionaries and the nuns who roamed the countryside/5(10). Mother Teresa. The founder of Missionaries of Charity, a great lady and a great Roman Catholic nun, the Saint Mother Teresa. She was a great inspirational person having the soft and huge heart for others.

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In this essay, I would examine all the factors that led Mother Teresa to become a hero. Mother Teresa was born in Skopje in a catholic family. She prayed every night and /5(5). Introduction: Mother Teresa’s real name was Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She was born on 26 th August, in Yugoslavia. Her parents were very simple and kind hearted. Early Life: From her very childhood, she was very kinds and soft-hearted girl. Anjeze was a devout Christian. She joined the .